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I’ve Shifted!

I’ve shifted!This time, not just physically but on the web as well.First, physically(literally, and I’m using too many rhyming words). As a trainee in 3i-Infotech I’ve shifted from coastal town of Mangalore to the metro, Chennai, which is again a coastal city, just on the the eastern side of India.

On the web, I’ve shifted from WordPress hosted blog to my very own domain(yippee!!!) hosted on ExperTrio (thanks, Preshit!). And for the moment, my Linux experimentations have ceased due to lack of a PC/laptop with me. Updates will continue, as soon as I get them.

And oh yeah, my sis gave birth to a girl. Here’s a pic of my neice!
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Arrgggg Bandwidth Cap, darn you!!

Man, I’m so pissed off with this darn 1 GB BW cap. Yup, I’m on the BSNL Home 250 Plan with a free Bandwidth of 1GB. How the hell is that reasonable?? God damn!! I can finish it off in matter of hours, somehow been managing it for a month!!  And today, it’s just 17th of the month, and already  I’m used up 0.843 GB of my 1GB  allocation. Arggh. How the hell am I gonna last with 150 MB for the next 13 days is beyond me. Guess ‘ll have to start with stop writing here, till the end of the Month(makin a post here and there, doing some reasearch, alone takes up about 10MB! 😐 Oh God help me get thru the end of the month.

It’s All Over

3i-Infotech, Here I come

Well, I’d been to Bangalore to collect my offer letter for a job as Trainee Software Engineer at 3i-Infotech yesterday. Most of the people who had cleared the GD, seemed to have cleared the Personal Interview as well, atleast most of the people who were in my group. The joining formalities was headed by a HR person named, Anupama, and boy was she grouchy! Is she always so? Whatever it maybe, I’m glad she wasn’t the one taking my interview. The whole formalities(submitting certificates, verification etc) took about 2 hours, but was disappointed to know that our postings still haven’t been finalized. Though my offer letter states that my training posting will be in Chennai, Anupama was quick to dismiss that, saying it’s not been finalized, neither has our joining date. So I’m waiting for both, and hoping I won’t be posted in Chennai. That’s about it for now




Howdy folks. After my first attempt at blogging, which was “very successful”(thanks to me of course, I was too active, you know!) I’ve decided to start my blogging “career” all over again. Hope I will be more motivated than ever to maintain this, thanks to a certain “jobless” friend of mine, who kept pestering me about my nonexisting blog. If you’re still reading this, wow well and good! Hope to hear some “interesting” comments, brickbats and rants from ya all.
Here’s me signing off,